LONDON clinic



87d, Duke Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 5PQ

PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS        - Monday (monthly)       

STUDENT TEACHING CLINIC     - Tuesday (monthly)

The IACH UK teaching clinic also takes place at Nelson’s Pharmacy in Mayfair, Central London. Patients can be seen in the teaching clinic, which allows them to be seen for reduced prices, as part of the continuing education of attending students and homeopaths.
In these sessions the patient is seen by the Clinic Supervisor - Andrew Ward R.S.Hom - who takes the consultation in a private room whilst viewed by 4 or 5  students sitting-in.  The prescription is given to the patient who can then purchase the homeopathic medicine in the pharmacy. The case will then be discussed with the students in the strictest confidence. No discussion of the case is allowed outside of the room. All details are kept strictly private. 
The clinic operates, currently, on a monthly basis on a Tuesday and runs from 9am  until 5.30 pm. There is usually a 45 min break for lunch. The dates of the next clinics are given below.
For students and homeopaths this is a unique opportunity to see live cases and participate in the progression of their cases. The room can hold up to 5 students. 
The cost of the clinic day for students is £35. This includes complimentary water,teas etc
The clinic is easily accessed by buses, tube and on foot. The nearest tube is Bond St Station - 3 min walk.
To attend the clinic as a student please ring Andrew Ward on 07736183395 or e-mail to  to book your place.
First appt.    £65    Follow-up    £45

2017 Dates:
December    4th/5th    

2018 Dates:  
Jan               8th/9th
Feb               5th/6th
March           5th/6th
April              9th/10th
May               7th/8th
June              4th/5th
July                9th/10th
Aug                6th/7th
Sept               3rd/4th
Oct                 8th/9th
Nov                5th/6th
Dec                3rd/4th             


Andrew Ward works privately on Mondays on a monthly basis. He can be seen at Nelson’s Pharmacy, Mayfair, Central London by appointment. Please ring 07736183395 or e-mail him on the links below.

Please see dates of clinics below.

PATIENT FEES: (from 5th February 2016)

Adult first appt.    £150    Follow-up    £70

Child first appt.    £90    Follow-up    £65